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Our Vision

The Minnesota Republic Farmer Labor Caucus was formed by a group of Republican lawmakers who have been fighting for the interests of farmers and laborers in their district and across the state.  The caucus was formed to encourage a public discussion about who is actually helping farmers and laborers. The RFL wants to help hold government accountable to the people it represents by providing a forum to inform people about the impacts of proposed pieces of legislation on farmers and laborers, update people on the progress of such legislation, and help farmers and laborers find a voice that truly represents their interests.



The RFL will continue to highlight legislation which is either pro- or anti-farming.  We have plenty of bills to track and, like your small-town DJ, will take requests from listeners on what issues to cover.  We represent the army defending farmers in the war on Ag. We believe farmers are prudent shepherds of their land, and that much of the war on Ag is based on misguided information about the technology and science used by today’s farmers, as well as, preconceived notions about the reality of farming.  


The RFL will highlight and advocate for legislation which promotes blue collar jobs all across Minnesota.  We will also publicize and engage the public on bills which stop jobs or drive opportunities out of State.


The RFL is respectful of our State’s private labor unions and is focused on creating jobs and increasing wages for all hard working Minnesotans.  We are excited to have the support of our unions, as we promote major infrastructure investments and grow Minnesota’s economy.


Yes, we support miners and believe we can properly use our natural resources and mine responsibly.  We recognize that solar panels and wind turbines do not grow on trees – they are made from materials mined from the earth.  Environmentalists who demand alternative energy but turn a blind eye to mining are ignoring the truth and driving great jobs from our State.


Whether we are replacing an aging pipeline, repairing our State’s roads and bridges, adding upgrades and safety features to nuclear reactors or harvesting high-yield crops that feed the world, our Minnesota farmers and laborers can and will be respectful of the environment for generations to come.  

RFL Caucus Executive Board

Rep. Jeremy Munson

Rep. Jeremy Munson

RFL Farmer Chair, State Rep. District 23B

MAKING THE CASE _ #67 RFL CaucusOver the decades Democrats have shifted away from common sense, away from policies that benefit hard working Minnesotans, away from the values and priorities of most, including away from farmers and laborers. In place of common sense, the DFL has become the party of extremists pushing hard for crushing tax rates, burdensome red tape, and job killing regulations.In today’s short video I'm joined by colleague State Rep. Jeremy Munson to discuss the Minnesota RFL Caucus and how Republicans are the party working hard to represent the true values of farmers and laborers.

Posted by Eric Lucero on Saturday, May 19, 2018

Rep. Jason Rarick

Rep. Jason Rarick

RFL Labor Chair, State Rep. District 11B

Meet RFL Members Rep. Rarick and Rep Munson

Representative Jason Rarick is in his second term at the house and represents District 11B, which includes portions of Kanabec County and Pine County. Rep Rarick is an electrician and 25 year union member of the IBEW local 110.Representative Jeremy Munson is in his first term and represents district 23B, which includes portions of Blue Earth, Waseca, Watonwan and LeSueur Counties. Rep. Munson is a specialty crop grower and a business consultant.

Posted by Minnesota RFL Caucus on Monday, April 30, 2018

Rep. Tim Miller

Rep. Tim Miller

State Rep. District 17A

Meet RFL Members Backer & Miller

Meet RFL Members, Representatives Jeff Backer & Tim Miller Rep. Backer represents District 12A, which includes all of Big Stone, Grant, Stevens, Wilkin and Traverse counties and the western part of Douglas and Pope counties.Rep. Tim Miller represents District 17A in the west-central Minnesota including portions of Chippewa, Kandiyohi, Renville, and Swift Counties.

Posted by Minnesota RFL Caucus on Thursday, May 3, 2018

Rep. Jeff Backer

Rep. Jeff Backer

State Rep. District 23B

+Rep Deb Kiel & the DFL's Cease & Desist Letter

We are proud to welcome Representative Deb Kiel to the RFL Caucus. Rep. Kiel is a sugarbeet farmer and will bring great insight into discussions on Northern MN ag issues. In this video, we also discuss the DFL's cease and desist letter.

Posted by Minnesota RFL Caucus on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Rep. Deb Kiel

Rep. Deb Kiel

State Rep. District 01B

Meet RFL member and farmer, Representative Deb Kiel (01B)

Meet RFL member and farmer, Representative Deb Kiel from district 01B – in the north end of Minnesota's Red River Valley. Rep Kiel will bring a great perspective to our caucus and is excited to help bring our message to Minnesota farmers.

Posted by Minnesota RFL Caucus on Sunday, April 29, 2018

Rep. Jim Nash

Rep. Jim Nash

State Rep. District 47A

Meet RFL Member, Rep. Jim Nash (47A)

Meet RFL member Representative Jim Nash (47A), Waconia. Rep. Nash is the House Assistant Majority Leader and vice-chair of State Government Finance. Rep. Nash is passionate about creating jobs in rural Minnesota and reining in the red tape in St Paul which is standing in the way of progress and prosperity.

Posted by Minnesota RFL Caucus on Tuesday, May 22, 2018